Beneficial properties of Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia

An essential plant in cosmetics and rich in healing properties


From medicine to cosmetics, up to modern aromatherapy techniques, over the centuries man has largely exploited the potential of the Lavender plant, which are also excellent because they do not irritate the skin.
Known for its health-giving properties and calming effect, Lavender really has plenty of other benefits.
It is an excellent rebalancing of the central nervous system, an antidepressant and at the same time a tonic and sedative, it can in fact calm down states of strong agitation.
Thanks to its carminative and antispasmodic properties, Lavender can be used in the treatment of digestive disorders of nervous origin, colic and abdominal spasms and facilitate digestion.
Beyond relaxing the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, it stimulates hepatic activity and the production of bile, gastric secretions and intestinal peristalsis, preventing the formation and stagnation of gas. For this reason, Lavender can be taken as an infusion, or as a mother tincture, in the dose of 30 drops diluted in half a glass of water twice a day.


Plants are our great allies, but they can interact with drugs, not suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding or for our personal sensibilities.

It is therefore always advisable to ask the suggestion of a professional.

Essential Oils, in the majority of cases, must be used diluted in carrier oils or with other vegetal substances.

As it treats of essences, they can also be irritating, especially for particularly sensitive people.

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