Foeniculum vulgare

An ancient and noble plant despite its name!


Wild Fennel is a biennial or perennial herbaceous plant that grows spontaneously along the coasts of the Mediterranean area up to 1.000 meters high. Appreciated since ancient times for its aromatic properties, its horticultural cultivation seems to go back to 1500.
The stem is branched up to 2 meters high with whitish roots, it has leaves that resemble hay, the colour is green and in summer it produces umbrellas of small yellow flowers, followed first by green and then greyish fruits that release an intense fragrance of anise.
The flower is harvested as soon as it is open, usually from mid-August until late September. You can use the fresh flower or you can dry it outdoors in the light.
You can use buds, leaves or beard but also flowers and fruits improperly called seeds.
The ancient Egyptians and Romans gave garlands of fennel as awards to the winning warriors because it was believed that it could give strength, courage and longevity.
Hippocrates prescribed fennel seeds to women who lacked milk, Plinius the Elder considered it a protection against the poison of snakes and he recommended it as a compress or infusion to sharpen the sight.



The expression "let yourself be fooled" in the sense of cheating, derives from the practice of the hosts of the past who get the customers taste wine by offering biscuits with Fennel, whose aroma improved the flavor of the wine and covered its defects.


Plants are our great allies, but they can interact with drugs, not suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding or for our personal sensibilities.

It is therefore always advisable to ask the suggestion of a professional.

Essential Oils, in the majority of cases, must be used diluted in carrier oils or with other vegetal substances.

As it treats of essences, they can also be irritating, especially for particularly sensitive people.

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