Beneficial properties of Oregano

Origanum comune

It is difficult to summarize all the qualities of this aromatic plant. Here are a few...


  • From a nutritional point of view, Oregano contains mineral salts such as calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium and vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E, K. (Antioxidant properties).
  • Oregano is considered a natural antibiotic, whose medicinal properties are contained in the flowering tops.
  • It is a natural analgesic, also useful against sore throats and menstrual pains.
  • The use of Oregano (in the form of hot drink) is recommended in case of dyspepsia, intestinal spasms as well as in case of cough, bronchitis, tracheitis and it seems to help prevent asthma attacks.
  • Oregano also has a fluidifying action: it stimulates peripheral circulation and is an immunostimulator, making the metabolism more active and functional.
  • In aromatherapy, Oregano is used against depression. Its effects were already known in ancient times, today we know that they are limited to the volatile phenols of the plant which, evaporating (or through inhalation), enter the bloodstream stimulating the areas of the brain responsible for positive thoughts.
  • Oregano essential oil is an excellent antiseptic, active against all viral forms.
  • In dermatology it is an excellent ally in case of mycosis and psoriasis, in fact it has healing and germicidal properties.
  • Origano naturally repels ants. It is enough to sprinkle the infested areas to get rid of them.


Plants are our great allies, but they can interact with drugs, not suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding or for our personal sensibilities.

It is therefore always advisable to ask the suggestion of a professional.

Essential Oils, in the majority of cases, must be used diluted in carrier oils or with other vegetal substances.

As it treats of essences, they can also be irritating, especially for particularly sensitive people.

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