Beneficial properties of Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis

It has always been considered a magical plant and has marked the symbolism of ancient peoples.


Rosemary has several and different therapeutic properties, including that of being a "natural alarm clock". In fact it is a stimulant in case of general weakness and asthenia and a regulator of blood pressure.
Thanks to the presence of magnesium and potassium, it is an excellent ally for those with hypotension problems and can be consumed in the form of infusion, essential oil or macerated.
It has calcium, which has a positive effect on our bone system, promoting the health of bones and teeth and acting as an antirheumatic.
Furthermore, vitamin C and the folates that it contains are useful respectively for strengthening the immune system and for promoting proper development of the nervous system during pregnancy.
Another important property of Rosemary is to facilitate diuresis, therefore it is indicated as an aid in case of kidney failure.
Rosemary oil can also be effective against several microbes. For example, it can effectively kill bacteria such as Enterococcus faecalis and Staphylococcus epidermidis, which are known to cause urinary tract infections.
It also acts as a drainage agent to combat water retention and to eliminate quickly toxins from the body. Therefore you have a better peripheral circulation, which helps to combat skin imperfections such as cellulite.

Rosemary, an aromatic plant with magical properties, not only in the kitchen

The uses of Rosemary go far beyond the culinary field. In fact, Rosemary is said to have stimulating capacities for brain and mnemonic activities: even in ancient Greece people were accustomed to cover their heads with a Rosemary crown to facilitate important intellectual activities.
Rosemary has always been considered a plant with magical virtues and has a very profound meaning for many populations. For example, for the ancient Egyptians it symbolized rebirth and immortality but nowadays, especially in the United Kingdom, Rosemary plays another important role. In fact, it is customary to give a bouquet of Rosemary to the shepherd who officiates the wedding, for a good omen of sincerity, fidelity and happiness.

Rosemary as anti-aging

Rich in essential oils (such as pinene, conforene, limonene) and flavonoiodes, phenolic acids, tannins, resins, camphor, it also contains rosmarinic acid with antioxidant properties. It is no coincidence that Rosemary is called a natural anti-aging.
Rosemary essential oil, if vaporized in the environment, helps concentration and improves mood. It has a strong toning action in periods of high stress and in recovery after a long illness.

Rosemary to relieve inflammation

In the nervous system, Rosemary is useful for example to soothe the pain caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve, while for the muscles it is a valuable aid in case of sprains or gout.

Rosemary to suppor tour liver

It also has a powerful beneficial action for liver and gallbladder pathologies in general, thanks to its choleretic, cholagogue and cholecystokinetic properties, which stimulate liver function and the excretion of bile.


For cleaning your home, you can easily prepare a disinfectant liquid suitable for the bathroom, by boiling a handful of rosemary leaves in ½ liter of boiling water. Then just filter and use as needed.


Plants are our great allies, but they can interact with drugs, not suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding or for our personal sensibilities.

It is therefore always advisable to ask the suggestion of a professional.

Essential Oils, in the majority of cases, must be used diluted in carrier oils or with other vegetal substances.

As it treats of essences, they can also be irritating, especially for particularly sensitive people.

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