Beneficial properties of wild Fennel

Foeniculum vulgare

Wild Fennel, so many benefits in one plant


Rich in active substances, as an example Fennel fruits contain anethole, a phytoestrogen capable of safeguarding the digestive canal: it improves the defenses of the mucous membranes of stomach and colon, protecting them from inflammation and degeneration and promoting digestion.
However, those who use forms of oral contraception must pay particular attention, since the components could decrease their effectiveness due to competition on estrogen receptors.
Fennel strengthens the cardiovascular system, helps rebalance cholesterol, has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory action.
It is used for the preparation of infusions and herbal teas to drink in case of gastro-intestinal colic, hiccups, stomach acid and indigestion; it acts as a tonic, it makes you less agitated and freer from negativity. The mind works better without problems, anxieties and not only.
For new mothers, Fennel seeds help to promote milk whipping and, indirectly, the benefits also get to the baby, preserving him/her from the typical colic of the newborns.


Plants are our great allies, but they can interact with drugs, not suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding or for our personal sensibilities.

It is therefore always advisable to ask the suggestion of a professional.

Essential Oils, in the majority of cases, must be used diluted in carrier oils or with other vegetal substances.

As it treats of essences, they can also be irritating, especially for particularly sensitive people.

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